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2018 Registrations


After 15 events, not only notable for the fervour and encounters, but also the diversity of the race conditions, the event has gained in maturity, media coverage and also emotion.

2018 promises to be as exciting and moving, but before heading for next year's UTMB®, we would like to return to the motivation which have lead us in organising this event for what is now 15 years. We would like to continue to carry this tradition forward to make the World Summit of Trail-Running a moment which is always more human, more unifying, more qualitative, and in sync with its values.
Orchestrating the UTMB® is also passing on to everybody our vision of the mountains and trail-running. Every year we bear loud and clear the values and culture which are dear to us. These values, which we have stood up for since the beginning, have not changed. They consist of equity, respect for nature, mutual aid and the surpassing of oneself. The outdoor culture as it is, goes beyond the notion of performance. It is also the pleasure of diving into the natural surroundings by adapting oneself to its conditions. One of the things of which we are proudest is noticing that the community shares and passes on this authenticity, and that we can count on it for generations to come.
Developing the UTMB® is to participate in the radiancy of our territory and in the well-being of its inhabitants, just like its participants. Visiting the Mont-Blanc country in the last week of August means joining an area which is partying with its inhabitants and a public who are increasingly informed and enthusiastic.
Think that the UTMB® is the occasion for you, elite runners, to confront one another, and for all the others it is the opportunity to participate in the same race as your models.
To experience the UTMB® is to be in contact with those who give their time and energy to accompany each runner in their quest. The UTMB® is all those moments of humanity, these gatherings of goodwill which expect nothing else in return than being a member of this great adventure.
Setting up the UTMB® each year means also defending a discipline, participating in its mediatization so that the desire to have the practice continues and propagates, because, we are convinced, trail-running is a sport which can contribute a lot to our society. It's an encounter. An encounter with oneself and with the others.
Finally, in the face of the tragic events and the sometimes gloomy situations which we traverse, we hope that through this event we give everybody the possibility of following, slightly, their dreams such as they are, because with their contact, life and optimism are never far away.

2018 Registrations
6 events throughout the week
Partenaire Ultra

The Ultras :
- The UTMB® : 171km – 10 000m ascent. Starts Friday, August 31st at 18:00 – Chamonix (FR) : open to 2300 runners – in semi autonomy and within a max of 46hrs 30 mins
In order to register a minimum of 15 points, acquired between 01/01/2016 and 31/12/2017 (from 3 races max), are required
- The TDS® : 121km – 7300m ascent – Start Wednesday, August 29th at 06:00 – Courmayeur (IT) : open to 1600 runners – in semi autonomy and with a max of 33hrs
In order to register a minimum of 8 points, acquired between 01/01/2016 and 31/12/2017 (from 2 races max), are required
- The CCC® : 101km – 6100 m ascent. Starts Friday, August 31st at 09:00 – Courmayeur (IT) : open to 1900 runners - in semi autonomy and within a max of 26hrs 30mins
In order to register a minimum of 8 points, acquired between 01/01/2016 and 31/12/2017 (from 2 races max), are required

Partenaire Ultra

Lesser format:
- The OCC : 56km – 3 500m ascent. Starts Thursday, August 30th at 08:15 – Orsières (CH) : open to 1200 runners – in semi autonomy and within a maximum of 14hrs 30 mins
In order to register a minimum of 4 points, acquired between 01/01/2016 and 31/12/2017 (from 1 or 2 races ), are required

Partenaire Ultra

For the young :
- The YCC : 15km – 1200m ascent. Starts Wednesday, August 29th at 10:00 – Courmayeur (IT) : open to 300 runners – in complete autonomy and within a max of 4 hrs– reserved for runners aged 16 to 22
No qualifying points necessary for registration.

Partenaire Ultra

A big team adventure :
- PTL® : Around 300 km and 25000m ascent. Starts Monday August 27th at 09:00 - Chamonix (FR).
Inseparable teams of 2 or 3 runners with up to a max of 300 runners in total.
In complete autonomy and within a max of 151hrs 30 mins.
Registration is by submission of a file stating each team member's previous experience. Technical experience in a mountain environment, sporting history and each team's motivation will be assessed. Click here for more information

Qualifying races
Registration for each race will not be possible for those runners who have not completed their qualifying races between January 1st 2016 and December 31st 2017. You can consult the list on our web-site by clicking here. The list of qualifying races, to date, contains 4474 races in 105 different countries. All the continents are well represented. This gives the following distribution on the scale: : 439 races with 1 point, 841 races with 2 points, 1048 races with 3 points, 1216 races with 4 points, 587 races with 5 points and 343 races with 6 points.

Points acquired by finishers : 
UTMB® : 6 points
CCC® : 5 points
TDS® : 6 points
OCC : 4 points

Dates for pre-registration
The period for pre-registration will be open from December 14th 2017 (10:00 Paris time) until January 3rd 2018 during which time all the candidates must fill in a complete file, qualifying races included, for the race of their choice. This file will be validated by a payment by credit card of a 50€ deposit (secure on line payment). Click here for more information

The results will be communicated on January 11th 2018 at 10:00 (Paris time).

Price for the races
UTMB® : 250 €
CCC® : 150 €
TDS®: 170 €
OCC : 85 €
PTL® : 960€ per team
YCC : 30€

Click here for more information

Gaoligong by UTMB®
course UTMB

The first by UTMB® event will be held on March 9-11 2018 in China, in the Gaoligong mountains which are situated in Yunnan province, near the Burmese border. Known for its tea, as well as, for jade and amber, this region is considered to be the “lungs” of China due to the pureness of its air. By entering in to the family of events promoted by the UTMB®, the Gaoligong by UTMB®, agrees to respect the same values as the UTMB® and offers an event based on quality criteria similar to those of the UTMB®.
There are three formats :
MGU : 160km, 8400m ascent, 6 ITRA points
RCE : 125km, 6650m ascent, 6 ITRA points
THT : 55 km, 2350m ascent, 3 ITRA points
Note that the points acquired from the UTMB® or by UTMB® races are valid for 3 years
Click here for more information

Special bonus
To celebrate the first by UTMB® event, the UTMB® organisation has the pleasure of announcing that the 2018 finishers of the MGU (160km) and RCE (125km) will be offered a special bonus allowing them to gain one year in the registration process to the 2019 Mont-Blanc UTMB®. So, finishers of the MGU and RCE who do not benefit from special registration conditions for the 2019 Mont-Blanc UTMB® will gain the same level of advantage as those who have failed in the draw once, while those who were candidates for the 2018 Mont-Blanc UTMB® and were not lucky will gain the advantage reserved for runners who have been unlucky twice.

Ultra-Trail® World Tour

After having crowned the Frenchman François d’Haene and the Swiss Andrea Huser, the Ultra-Trail® World Tour will, in January begin its 5th season. In 2018, the Ultra-Trail® World Tour is keeping up its momentum by offering athletes authentic races, while strengthening its history and roots with organisers. The 2018 calendar lists 21 races, of which the Ultra-Trail® du Mont-Fuji which returns in April after a rest in 2017. The general ranking will be established from the best two races realised, knowing that it is only necessary to run 2 of the 21 races on offer to be ranked. Three UTMB® races are a part of the 2018 Ultra-Trail® World Tour : The UTMB® with the « Series Bonus » status (1300 points for the winner), the CCC® with the « Series » status (1000 points) and the TDS® with the « Pro » status (700 points). More than ever, the Ultra-Trail® World Tour symbolises the cultural diversity and the opening to the world of trail-running. To your dairies ! Click here for more information

See you soon,
UTMB® team

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