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Mandatory equipment,
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Dear Runners,

At the end of August, in the Mont-Blanc country, the weather conditions can change very fast. For you, as for us, it is a very important factor because the events take place in open country, and at altitudes which oscillate between 1 000 and 2 600 m. In 2017, the 4 seasons invited themselves to the UTMB®. Summer during the TDS® (>30°C), the monsoon for the OCC and a very cold episode during the CCC® and the UTMB®. In these conditions, it is difficult to completely or precisely predict the weather conditions in the mountains. So as always to be closest to the reality of the terrain and not be unnecessarily burdened, the organization has put together two kits, one for heatwaves and the other for cold conditions. These kits are an integral part of the mandatory equipment. You must have them in your possession once you are in situ and during the check of mandatory equipment during the race-bib distribution. Depending upon the weather conditions, they will be activated, or not, by the organization. Have a good preparation and see you soon.

Basic kit

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Consult the mandatory equipment for each race

The heatwave kit

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Can be deemed necessary by the organisation, according to weather conditions

  • Sun glasses
  • Saharan cap or any combination which completely covers the head and nape of the neck
  • Sun cream
  • Supply of water of 2 litres minimum

The cold conditions' kit

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Attention, the cold weather kit is not the same for the OCC and MCC

Can be deemed necessary by the organisation, according to weather conditions

  • Protective eyewear
  • 3rd warm layer  (intermediary layer between the 2nd layer and the waterproof jacket)
    Recommandation : fleece or compressible down jacket
  • Robust and closed trail-running shoes (minimalist or ultralight shoes excluded)

Why glasses ? During the time that you find yourselves exposed for several hours to the wind and cold, it is essential that you protect your eyes to avoid freezing your cornea, a symptom which could present a serious risk because in certain cases people can momentarily loose their vision until they receive treatment.


Mobile phone:
Smartphones are highly recommended for using the different apps (LiveRun), security, support during the race and so that fans can follow you, etc.. However for those runners who will spend more than 15 hours in the race, carrying a battery pack is advised.

  • International roaming must be activated to allow for use in the three countries (France, Italy, Switzerland) ;
  • The security number for each country must be registered in the memory: Emergency n° +33 4 50 53 47 51 for the Organisation (PC Course/ Race HQ) and 112 in France and in Italy, 144 in Switzerland ;
  • Your number must not be hidden (it is necessary to call you back) ;
  • Your telephone must be permanently switched on ;
  • Start the race with a fully charged battery (think about deactivating other apps to save battery life).


Go to you runner's page to fill in the telephone number you plan to use during the race.

Please help us improve your care during the race by answering the following questionnaire.

"Bring Your Own Utensils" (BYOU)
course UTMB

BYOU, what does this mean? As from this year, the organization will not distribute any disposable cutlery, beakers/cups or bowls at the life bases and refreshment posts. You are asked to carry your own utensils if you wish to eat hot food (soup, pasta... ). This action called « Bring Your Own Utensils » (BYOU) was inaugurated during the Vibram Hong Kong 100 in January 2018. Of course those who have no personal utensils can eat cold foods at the refreshment posts.


To be a finisher, start out well equipped

Respecting the mandatory equipment is one more step towards your victory, that of finishing your UTMB® race. We'll be waiting for you on the finishing line!

#Autonomy & security
The mandatory equipment allows you to be autonomous in the case of difficult or changeable weather conditions. Even in high summer, the weather conditions can be extremely demanding. It can be very hot as in 2016 (heatwave) but it can equally snow or hail (UTMB® and CCC® 2012). You are experienced runners, however with fatigue you are not sheltered from injury. The survival blanket, the over trousers all come in to their own when you have to wait for help in the midst of the mountains, whether at night, in the cold or rain...

Each person reacts to cold , fatigue and stress differently, the choice of equipment adapted to your needs is a key factor for the success of your race. We advise you to test your equipment before the UTMB® in varied conditions (racing, rain , cold etc. ...) to adapt the choice of your equipment to your needs. Nothing is better than having the good reflexes on D day.

Have with you the equipment adapted to favouring your performance. Difficult to manipulate your equipment, or even eat, when your fingers are numbed by the cold. At night, good light seriously diminishes the feeling of fatigue. Maintain maximum energy to run intelligently. You will increase your chances of being a finisher.

More advice at


See you soon,
UTMB® team

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