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Regulations: some important innovations to be taken in to account as from August 2018


Dear runners,

We would like to invite you to read this newsletter attentively, it introduces the new regulations which will directly impact your race and its preparation. Understand that:
1/ The addition of new kits to the mandatory equipment. So as to adapt better to the climatic conditions without unnecessarily overloading the equipment carried during the race, the organization has identified three kits in addition to the basic kit.
2/ Bring Your Own Utensils (BYOU): another new addition, is that we have stopped using all disposable utensils so as to limit the amount of trash. Those who wish to eat hot food, where it is possible to do so, must have their own utensils.
3/ You must complete your health page in order to improve any medical intervention that you might receive during the race.
Finally, please ask those accompanying you to take note of the regulations for following the race and following you so that your immersion in your race is optimal.
Happy reading and see you soon.

Mandatory equipment: the kits

So as to always be as close to reality of the terrain and so as not to unnecessarily over load you, the organization has put three different kits in place:
• The heat-wave kit (UTMB® TDS® CCC® OCC MCC)
• The cold weather kit (UTMB® TDS® CCC®)
• The bad weather kit (OCC MCC)
These kits are a part of the mandatory equipment in addition to the basic material. In relation to your race, the heat-wave kit and the cold weather kit (for the UTMB®, TDS® and CCC®) or the heat-wave kit and the bad weather kit (for the OCC and MCC), must be presented during the verification of mandatory equipment, in particular during the race-bib distribution. You will be warned before the start of your race if one of the kits has been activated by the organization. During the race, checks on the mandatory equipment will also be made on these kits.

Consult the elements of the mandatory equipment at

Bring Your Own Utensils (BYOU)

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that there will no bowls and cutlery at the refreshment posts. If you wish to eat hot food (soup, pasta), you must carry your own utensils. The BYOU plan was inspired by Janet Ng and Steve Brammar, race directors of the Vibram® Hong Kong 100. Bring Your Own Utensils (BYOU) allows us to get rid of all disposable utensils and add it to the eco-responsible initiatives made by the event

Improve any medical intervention that you might receive during the race

In order to improve any medical intervention you might receive during the race, we ask you to complete your health page. This platform is offered free of charge by the ITRA, in collaboration with Athletes For Transparency (AFT), within the framework of the QUARTZ Program which aims to protect runners' health and contribute to a doping free sport. Medical history, allergies, ongoing treatments, asthma, diabetes, a prothesis... all this information is precious for the medical personnel who look after you during the race. By completing your health page, you can be assured that if necessary, the doctors will have all the relevant information to make their intervention rapid and optimal. It should be noted that the information supplied on your health page is confidential. Only a doctor can access it should they need to treat you.

More information on the health page advantages at

Individual insurance

So that you can be serene at the start of your UTMB® race, we would like to remind you that it is obligatory to be in possession of individual accident insurance which covers any eventual costs for search and rescue In France, Italy and Switzerland*. Such an insurance policy may be taken out with the organization of your choice. For runners who are members of the ITRA (International Trail Running Association) it is now possible to subscribe to such an insurance policy including repatriation which covers the cost of search and rescue world-wide.
In the case of an accident during the race, the insurance covers:
oThe costs of evacuation by helicopter
o The ambulance costs
o Other costs for getting you to hospital
o Your medical repatriation to your home or to a hospital near your home
o The repatriation of those persons accompanying you (including children of under 18 years of age)
* Evacuation by helicopter costs between 800 and 3000 euros.

For more information, go to the website

Accompanying and assistance

Accompanying somebody
Follow the race leaders on the ground
It is essential that the race leaders have good conditions to allow them to evolve serenely during their race. Namely that their unique preoccupation is the management of their efforts:
• Avoid crowding around a runner so as not to disturb him in his progression and concentration.
• Maintain their tranquility: don't film them and don't take photos with the race leaders.
• Respect the trail-running spirit and the principle of semi-autonomy which participates in the runners' immersion into the race.

Zones for accompanying
Reminder: running beside a participant outside of the zones, which are labelled as such in the proximity of the refreshment posts, is strictly forbidden and exposes the runner to a penalty of between 15 and 10 minutes. Concretely this penalty engenders a regression in the ranking and for certain runners it is the risk of not being within the time limit. It is also the responsibility of the runners to remind those people accompanying them that they, the runners, risk being penalized if the regulations are not respected.

Personal assistance is tolerated exclusively at certain refreshment posts (*), in the zone specifically reserved for this use, upon the presentation of an "Assistance" ticket. These tickets are supplied in your race-bib envelope, you are free to give them to whoever you want. This assistance can only be given by one single person at a time.

(*) Personal assistance is only tolerated at the following posts:
UTMB®: Les Contamines, Courmayeur, Champex, Trient, Vallorcine
CCC®: Champex, Trient, Vallorcine
TDS®: Bourg St Maurice, Les Contamines
It is forbidden at all other refreshment posts as well as at any other point during the race.
OCC, MCC: no assistance is allowed, at any point during the race.

Young Trail Challenge

The Young Trail Challenge resumes:
• Maxi Race from 25 to 27 May 2018 with the Short-Race
• Marathon du Mont-Blanc from 29 June to 1st July 2018 with the Young Race Marathon
• UTMB® from 27 August to 2 September 2018 with the YCC
• Trail des Aiguilles Rouges (TAR) 30 September 2018 with the P'tit TAR

• Participate in at least 3 of the 4 races.
• Addition of the 3 best ITRA index performance obtained on each of the races

There are already 186 registered for the YCC with a week long UCPA trail-running course to be won by the first placed in each category (cadets, juniors and espoirs).


The UCPA organizes trail-running courses for the young as from 16 years of age. Rendezvous at:


See you soon,
UTMB® team

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