- USHUAIA by UTMB® registrations are open - 4 different distances, from 35 to 130 km - Interview from Daniel Catania, Race Director - Discover Tierra del Fuego
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Crans Montana, 5 November 2018

USHUAIA by UTMB® : first act of the 2019 UTMB® global calendar

Inspired by the success of UTMB® Mont-Blanc, now recognised by the industry as the World’s Summit of Trail Running, three new international events are extending the outreach of the UTMB® around the world, from Oman to Argentina, passing through China.

UTMB® is a journey, an invitation to travel, the possibility to discover new cultures, local communities and unique landscapes while enjoying a very high quality event organization.

Information provided in this press release :

- USHUAIA by UTMB® registrations are open

- 4 different distances, from 35 to 130 km

- Interview from Daniel Catania, Race Director

- Discover Tierra del Fuego


For the first edition of USHUAIA by UTMB®, from April 5-7, 2019, the event will offer several distances to run :

- FMU : 130 km and 8.200 m of vertical gain

- FBT : 70 km and 5.400 m of vertical gain

- LCT : 50 km and 3.000 m of vertical gain

- ELT : 35 km and 2400 m of vertical gain

Daniel Catania, Race Director of USHUAIA by UTMB® :

"USHUAIA by UTMB® will be a truly special trail running event that will take runners into the remote and wild areas of the “End of the World”. As the other events of the UTMB® calendar, this one is based on the runners’ semi autonomy.

Climbs are long and at times exposed, requiring runners to be confident in altitude. The climate in the southern mountains of the Andes (1.000 to 1.500 meters high) is similar to the one that can be found in the Alps at 2.500-3.000 meters high.

April temperatures during daytime may reach 10-15°C in the valleys. In the mountains, where most of the trail is located, they are much lower, and runners might find themselves experiencing the four seasons of the year in just one day.

At night, temperatures can drop below freezing, so runners will need to equip accordingly.

In short, it will be a technical trail, with big “ups and downs”, diverse geographies, changing landscapes and an oscillating climate.

FMU participants will cross over more than eight mountain passages, like “The French” or “The Tristen”, with amazing views on the “Cortez” mountain, the “Esmeralda” Lagoon and the huge “Fagnano” lake. Because Argentinian Patagonia is one of the wildest and loneliest places that exist, participating in this 130km route will be like running 160km for participants from other parts of the world.

As for the FBT, the circuit will allow runners to admire the Beagle Channel and explore another iconic place: the “Five Brothers” mountain.

In the LCT, runners will appreciate the “Middle Hill”, the “Bonete” and “La Cloche” mountain, with its bell shape. They will also go through different passages with unique views, while they finally approach the City of Ushuaia.

In the ELT course, runners will be able to admire the “Cortez” mountain and the “Middle Hill”, among other elevations of the area. Like the other circuits, this one offers incredible landscapes while running along paths that provide amazing views of the oceans, rivers, forests, mountains, lagoons and, finally, the City."

Ushuaia facilities

Ushuaia has a variety of accommodations, from hostels and bed & breakfasts to five-star palaces.

With its international airport just 3 hours away on a direct flight from Buenos Aires and located right in the city-center, Ushuaia will be the strategic base of the race, as well as all the event festivities.

Discover Tierra del Fuego

At a time of the year when the deep-blue sea, burnt-orange forests, snow-capped peaks and clear skies display the full spectrum of colors day-in and day-out, USHUAIA by UTMB will offer a truly extraordinary experience: that of running across the far southern tip of a continent, especially when it is the southernmost point of America.

From Ushuaia, it is easy to visit the Tierra del Fuego National Park, as well as other natural areas and “estancias” of the southern Patagonia. Furthermore sailboats and ships that depart from the port offer to sail along the Beagle Channel to see cormorants, penguins and sea lions and to discover the magnificent Cape Horn. In the city, you can tour the famous prison that functioned until 1947 and travel in the “Train of the End of The World”, the southernmost railway line that exists.

Qualifying points and entry process to UTMB® Mont-Blanc

Beyond adventure and exploration, OMAN by UTMB®, USHUAIA by UTMB® and GAOLIGONG by UTMB® all offer a certain number of benefits to finishers who would like to participate in the UTMB® Mont-Blanc.

ITRA points gained on all 4 of the USHUAIA by UTMB® courses will be valid for three years (instead of two) for the UTMB® MONT-BLANC lottery. In addition, finishers of the 130km distance (FMU) will gain a year in the registration process. If they would like to participate in the 2020 edition of the UTMB® MONT-BLANC, USHUAIA by UTMB® finishers will double their chances in the lottery if registering for the first time, or they will be guaranteed a spot if they were unsuccessful when trying to register for the prior year's edition

Dates for upcoming UTMB® events :

- OMAN by UTMB® : November 29 to December 1, 2018

- USHUAIA by UTMB® : April 5 - 7, 2019

- UTMB® Mont-Blanc : August 26 to September 1, 2019

- OMAN by UTMB® : Fall 2019

- GAOLIGONG by UTMB® : March 21 - 23, 2020



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