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UTMB 2017 - Newsletter n°6 - June 2017

The UTMB® is approaching in large strides. It is in 2 months time ! We hope that your training is taking shape. Around Mont-Blanc, nature is changing, the UTMB® is taking shape, the snow is melting and the first reconnaissance trips are being organised. In the meantime, some preparation is necessary so that you can profit fully from the event. Preparing your race also means organising how you are going to travel (...).

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UTMB 2017 - Newsletter n°5 - June 2017

The UTMB® is a formidable play-ground in the heart of the Mont-Blanc country, one must not forget that this playground is also demanding : stone fields, steep paths, altitudes of around 2500/2600m, changeable climatic conditions… Advancing through this terrain for several hours requires a lot of attention.

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UTMB 2017 - Newsletter n°4 - May 2017

Thanks to the regulations, the organisation ensures that the race takes place in a manner which is fair for each participant. Since the beginning of the UTMB®, equality between the runners occupies a very important part in the organisation of the race.

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UTMB 2017 - Newsletter n°3 - March 2017

The UTMB® is only 6 months away. During your preparation, the obligatory equipment plays an important part. The sooner that you try it out, the sooner you will become used to it. Your training is a good way to test and adapt your obligatory equipment to your needs 5(...).

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UTMB 2017 - Newsletter n°2 - February 2017

This first newsletter of 2017 inaugurates a series of 7 newsletters which will be dedicated to you. These newsletters will tackle practical subjects, techniques for best informing you before the event and allow you to get organised in a optimal and serene way. Obligatory equipment, distribution of race-bibs, shuttle-bus reservations, request for therapeutic usage exemptions (TUE), many important subjects will be tackled in this series of newsletter (...).

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UTMB 2017 - Newsletter n°1 - December 2016

The 2016 UTMB® images and sensations are still impregnated in our minds. It still seems so close and yet when one looks carefully the decor has already changed. The leaves have fallen from the trees and snow is beginning to cover the Mont-Blanc paths. The cycle of the seasons is en route. It never stops.
In the same manner, the UTMB® cycle doesn't stop either. So, as from December 15th, when skis and snow-shoes will have replaced running-shoes, we will open registration for the 5 races which we run (...).

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