Access and traffic

Profit from the communal transport!

For all those participants who wish to experience the event under the best possible conditions, and so as to reduce our impact on the environment, we encourage runners, accompanying persons, volunteers and visitors to learn about the exceptional transport plan that we have set up for the duration of the UTMB®.

  • Free public transport (train and bus) in the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley upon presentation of your carte d'hôte/guest card (supplied by your host).
  • Free shuttle buses in Chamonix town centre – « Les Mulets »
  • Free parking in Chamonix : Flégère and Grands Montets car-parks
  • Free shuttle buses for runners to get to the start of the races
  • The UTMB®BUS for accompanying persons in order to get to the start and to follow the runners in all the villages through which the races pass without having to take their personal vehicles.

Consult the information below for more details.

Roads closures

UTMB®BUS for supporters

We aim to offer you an event which respects the environment: your role is as important as that of the runners! Together we can participate in the preservation of the natural areas which make our landscape beautiful by applying several simple rules.

One of our actions which is effective is the use of communal transport: let us, together, avoid this race in the middle of nowhere becoming an "motor festival", and use the organisation’s buses!

An exceptional public transport organisation will allow you to reach all the villages crossed by your runners without any trouble.



Buy tickets directly on our website or on site. The UTMB®Buses are accessible at bargain prices

Avoid traffic jams
The UTMB®Buses benefit from priority access to the Tunnel du Mont Blanc, villages and other key areas of the course

Let yourself be driven
Gain in driving comfort and safety, be sure to arrive on time enjoy the route!

Save time
By not looking for a parking spot. The buses drop you off near the aid station



Discover the schedule of each line by clicking on the following pictograms:


Speedy line & UTMB®
The only access to the aid station of Les Contamines Montjoie and to see the UTMB® race leaders at the Col des Montets.



  • On
    Before August 15th!
    It will be necessary to collect the tickets from the appropriate stand at the distribution of race bibs.
  • In Chamonix
    On sale at race-bib distribution and at the information points in the Place du Triangle de l'Amitié within the limit of available places (reservation by internet, before August 15th, highly recommended).

  • Reservation specifically for the TDS®/OCC/CCC®/MCC
    To take the organisation’s bus to the start in Courmayeur, Martigny-Combe or Orsières, your must have reserved your place here.

Taking into account the possible waiting times in the middle of the night and the possibility of difficult weather conditions, this system is not recommended for young children. For reasons of security it is forbidden for children of less than 3 years of age.

We recommend not to take pets on the organization’s buses, each driver is free to refuse them access to their bus.



UTMB®BUS Booking
Parking and transport