UTMB® International

In 15 years, UTMB® has become a “must-do” international event known as the ‘World’s Summit of Trail Running’. Its unique expertise inspires many organisers especially in countries or continents new to the sport.
UTMB® International was created to speed up and control the international development of the UTMB® brand, and work with events organisers from all over the world.

UTMB® International’s ambition is to contribute in the next 10 years to the birth of major and popular trail running events organised with very high quality standards, in every continents. Improving the runners’ safety will remain a top priority as well as the quality of the “journey” offered to runners and their supporters.

UTMB® International will work with professional and independent events organisers to be certain that the local territories’ knowledge and authenticity will remain unspoilt. UTMB® International will advise and grant up to five ‘by UTMB®’ labels to events meeting requirements on every continent.
Each event will have to be organised in a mountainous environment and be based around an iconic and easily accessible location with high quality facilities. To meet the requirements, events must also offer different race formats (including a 100-mile distance) to attract thousands of participants every year from around the world.




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